With the Position Sensing for Hydraulic Cylinders technologie, it is possible to determine the position of the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder accurately.


TST is developing a new technology for position sensing of the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder. The key-features are:

  • absolute measurement
  • internal system - no disturbance of the robustness of the machine
  • no deep borehole in the piston rod needed
  • no modification of the outer piston rod needed
  • only very small installation space needed
  • applicable for extremely thin cylinders
  • applicable for extremely large cylinders
  • independend of the liquid mediums type, temperature and viscosity
  • independend of the contamination of the liquid medium
  • not susceptible to mechanical disturbances
  • not susceptible to electromagnetic disturbances
  • no shielding measures needed
  • no material fatigue effects expectable
  • easy assembly
  • very cost-efficient

The project hyperT (Hydraulikzylinder-Positions-Ermittlungs-Technologie) is co-funded by: