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Innovative Technologies

Bringing Ideas to Life


The Teichert Systemtechnik GmbH is a young, dynamic enterprise which offers innovative products and solutions. The focus here is on Artificial Intelligence and innovative sensor technologies. For this purpose, we develop challenging optical components, the appropriate analog and digital electronics as well as custom-made software. This encompasses hardware related software, pattern recognition and machine learning according to the latest research as well as elaborated visualization and animation. We design and develop interdisciplinary, use agile methods and are able to produce prototypes and small batches in-house directly and quickly.


Innovative solutions are developed in our team over a broad interdisciplinary spectrum of competencies. This enables a high efficiency and encompassing solutions.



Developing new technologies, carrying them to the patent application process and to integrate them in customer application spurs us on as well as challenges and problems that are communicated by our customers.

Our in-house developments are key technologies, that are deployable in various fields of application.

Cooperation developments may exceed our core topics. Synergies evoke from the collaboration, resulting in new or improved products of our partners.