New Ideas …

… by themselves are not sufficient for developing new successful technologies. Also important is the creative interplay between recognizing technical potentials and fitting applications. To realize this, we employ our interdisciplinary technological experience and our passion for a thorough understanding of products in every detail. In this way solutions are created where form and function are designed comprehensively.

The ensuing sensor technologies we developed are capable of capturing their positions and shapes. Therefore, we have assembled immense experiences in the development of distributed yet flexible electronics as well as in the applications of fitting mechanical and optical components.

Allow yourself to profit from our solutions. The integration of our technologies into your products enables both an increase in efficiency and can open up new markets. We enjoy taking on new challenges and like to develop specially crafted solutions for you.

Position Sensing for Hydraulic Cylinders

With the Position Sensing for Hydraulic Cylinders technologie, it is possible to determine the postion of the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder accurately.

Shape-Sensor for Large Objects

With the Shape-Sensor for Large Objects structural deformations of large objects are detectable.


With the Cable-Like-Shape-Sensor deflextions of flexible objects are detectable.