Künstliche Intelligenz

Artificial Intelligence

We realize comprehensive solutions with current techniques of Artificial Intelligence for you. Major areas include the classification of concepts, regression of complex functions, dimensional reduction and clustering as well as reinforcement learning and generator systems. If required, we can realize such systems on dedicated hardware. We can also realize the technical integration in existing environments.

With pleasure, we carry out consultations, to show potentials of your data and systems.


Pattern Recognition

We realize modern pattern recognition procedures for your production facilities. The spectrum comprises image recognition procedures as well as the recognition of complex pattern in abstract data. In addition to classical procedures we use e.g. support vector machines.

Software Development

We develop software in all common languages. Here again, we apply agile development paradigms. We also gladly generate visualizations and animations in the environments of Blender and Unity. These can be influenced by sensor information directly.
Softwareentwicklung hardwarenah

Embedded Software Development

For your applications, we build embedded software for all relevant microcontroller platforms. We are experienced with time critical applications and complex environments with heterogeneous communication, numerous storage connections and massive parallel in- and output.

Sensor Technology

Our specialties are shape and position sensors. We apply different base technologies like optics, radar and high-frequency technology, to develop sensors that perfectly fit to your requirements.

Electronics Development

We develop electronics and this also for demanding high-frequency applications. The circuit and layout design is processed in-house. The circuit board production and the assembling is done by partners for higher quantities.
Entwicklung mechnischer Lösungen

Mechanical Development

We plan mechanical environments for sensors and electronics with modern CAD and CAE tools. In our Workshops we can build prototypes and small batches with classical milling, turning, welding and assembling but also with high-precision three-dimensional printing and laser cutting.