The project "ready4i" aims at developing new sensor systems for large machine tools in the Industry 4.0 scenario. The TST-Shape-Sensor-Technology is further developed to yield a high accuracy. With the new technology, bending and torsion is measurable with a repaet accuracy in micrometer range - microrad range respectively. The technology is designed robusly, to endur harsh conditions even in outdoor use.


Within the project "BionicMotionRobot", the TST-Shape-Sensors are integrated in a pneumatic robot arm. Pneumatic Robots have a high potential in industy 4.0 scenarios because of their low weight. In collaboration with humans, they inherently cannot cause immense damage. In the past, it was difficult to determine the position and orientation at the tip of the arm, because this is load dependent - among other things. With the TST-Shape-Sensor, this informations are available for control.


For the manufacturer of mattress and duckboards Lattoflex a system for the measurement of human spine "Dosigraph" has been developed. By means of dosigraph, features of lying can be visualized for different bed systems. The changing position and shape of the spine is visualized in real-time.


A flat speaker system was developed in the "WOW-SoundArt" project. This speaker system is integrated in a wall picture. Thereby integrios designs and home decorations are not disturbed by the typically big speaker housings. A major development goal was a high-quality sound, meeting high demands. Beside the good three dimensionality, an impressive low bass was realized, despite the flat housing.

An illumination system was added, with adjustable color sets and the ability to produce a variaty of structural effects. The effects flow and show new appearances permanently and stimulate specific human perception characteristics: movement, grouping, overlapping, merging and scaling.