How do you benefit from us?


You have interesting challenges?
We analyze your structures, make design proposals and put these into practise.

Such activities could include: product planning, development of special processes in hard- and software, development of Artificial Intelligence, interaction techniques, assembly and integration of systems and equipment, realization of a performance.
Thereby we are not only eliminating technical problems - we also take care about your solution comprehensively.

Create competitive advantages by innovative solutions. Please contact us - we are looking forward to your challenges.


How do we operate?

The Teichert Systemtechnik GmbH consist of a team of technology enthusiasts. We take pleasure in dealing with technical challenges und developing solutions.
This is getting exciting, when apparent solutions are lacking. At this point, we use a range of creative techniques, to generate possible approaches with our team. We are used to act interdisciplinary and think beyond the limits. Later, we reduce approaches by experience, investigation and pre-tests. If problems appear for an approach, we apply this whole procedure again on the problem.
We generally like simple and efficient solutions, providing the right functionality for a challange. This is reflected in the product development and is only possible, when all relevant disciplines contribute already in the creative phase. A major development goal is also always the cost-effective realization.
The way from the creative phase to the development of the final product is carried out by the use of agile methods. That is, we realize prototypes early, examine them in target scenarios, exchange information with the customer and adjust the development accordingly. This procedure is carried out cyclically and this is important, to ensure solutions, that fit to the customer demands optimally.
For the agile procedures to work, it is important, to be able to realize and modify prototypes quickly. For this purpose, we have own workshops in our house, enabling the manufactoring of optical, electronical an mechanical components. The planning with modern CAE tools is also carried out in-house, enabling the quick and cost-effective realization of prototypes.

What are our strengths?


We are highly skilled in the field of pattern recognition and machine learning and we like to realize a "Deep-Learning" application for you. We'll be happy to advise you beforehand on the potentials of these technologies for your processes and products.

In general we have a wide range of software technologies to offer, ensuring us to realize tailor-made solutions for your applications. This also includes hardware related software, which is created for a microcontroller directly. Here again, you benefit from our extensive services. We conceptualize hard- and software comprehensively, to fit your needs exactly.

Also the develpoment of electronics is carried out in-house. This spans a wide range from precise analog circuits over complex digital circuits to challenging high-frequency circuits - for high-speed applications or extrem robust design. We are also skilled in the development of distributed and flexible electronics, that has to cope with continuous movement. For the manufactoring of printed circuit boards and component mounting, we have partners, enabling the production of large and small volumes. EMV-Pre-Compliance-Tests are carried out in-house.

Our workshops are well equipped for the quick production of prototypes und small series. We are able to conduct classical milling, lathe, welding and assembly work but also high precision three-dimensional printing and laser-cutting. This is integrated with modern CAD and CAE tools in our design processes.

We are experienced in working with optical components and have patented own measurement techniques for high precision measurement of structure. But we also apply other sensoring technologies, such as ultrasonic technologies.

Jens Teichert is a diploma engineer in electrical engineering and has a doctorate in computer science.
His scientific career has taken him to the universities of Hannover, Karlsruhe and Bremen as well as the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS gGmbH - formaly: European Media Lab) in Heidelberg, which was founded by Klaus Tschira as a private research Institute. His work here focused on Computer Vision / Image understanding and he deployed techniques that are currently getting known with the concept "Deep-Learning". For his research work, he received the "Forschungs- und Innovationspreis Rhein-Neckar-Dreieck" award.
Together with the TST-Team he received numerous awards for the TST product developments.